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Video games releasing in March 2024: From Rise of Ronin to WWE 2K24, check them all

Photo Credit: WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24- March 8 WWE 2K24 offers updated rosters and a special Wrestlemania Showcase mode, reliving iconic moments from WWE history.

Photo Credit: Steam

The Outlast Trials - March 5 In The Outlast Trials, players test their survival skills in a multiplayer experience filled with psychological horrors.

Photo Credit: Unicorn

Unicorn Overlord  - March 8 Unicorn Overlord, a tactical RPG, invites players to recruit unique units and master a deep battle system in a vibrant fantasy world.

Photo Credit: Dragon's Dogma 2

 Dragon's Dogma 2- March 22 Dragon's Dogma 2 returns players to a fantasy realm with challenging combat and a new world inspired by medieval paintings.

Photo Credit: Amazon

 Princess Peach- March 22 Princess Peach takes the spotlight in her own adventure, defending Sparkle Theater from mischievous foes.

Photo Credit: playstation

 Rise of the Ronin- March 22 Rise of the Ronin offers players a journey through Japan's history, where they can wield swords and guns in an open-world setting.

Photo Credit: Steam

Legend of Legacy - March 22  Legend of Legacy HD Remastered offers a classic RPG experience with high-definition graphics and new features for both newcomers and veterans alike.