Truecaller launches AI-powered call recordings and transcriptions in India for Android and iOS phones


Real caller brought his call recording and artificial intelligence AI-powered transcription features to India. The feature was initially introduced in the United States in June 2023, but after less than a year the company is expanding it to more regions. Android and iOS users will be able to record incoming and outgoing calls and transcribe them using AI. It is added as a premium feature and will only be available to paid users of the app.

In an announcement, Truecaller said this feature will allow users to record calls directly within the app and eliminate the need to use a third-party app for call recordings. Additionally, the company has leveraged AI to also offer a transcription feature that will provide a full transcript of recorded calls, once the call is over. Interestingly, the app previously offered call recording, but it had to. cease After Google Added restrictions for apps using an API designed for accessibility features to record calls.

The call recording part works differently for both iOS and Android. The iPhone operating system is more restrictive when it comes to third-party call recording. Truecaller users will therefore need to access the Research page and press Record a call, which will prompt the app to call a registration line, which the company says is a special number provided by it. After that, users can call the person whose call they want to record and click on the option to merge both calls. Once the call is merged, recording will start and the user will receive a push notification. The app creator said that all recorded calls are stored locally on the device, but users can create a backup on iCloud.

On Android, the process is rather simple. The Truecaller dialer includes a dedicated recording button that can start and stop recording. If a user is not using the app’s dialer, they will see a floating button to save. For both platforms, once the call ends, a push notification will indicate when the transcript is ready. Transcriptions are available in English and Hindi. Users can listen to recordings, rename them, delete unwanted ones, or share them with other apps.

It is worth noting that the Google Pixel 8 series and supported models of older generations, as well as Samsung smartphones with Galaxy AI support, already have a built-in feature to transcribe calls in real time. However, users who do not have such a feature on their smartphone can use Truecaller for a certain cost. This is part of the paid features of the app and users will need to subscribe to Truecaller’s Premium plan. In India, paid tiers start at a monthly cost of Rs. 9,999. 75 and an annual price of Rs. 75,529.

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