TikTok launches “reinvented” app for Apple Vision Pro


TikTok has launched a native, “reimagined” app on Apple Vision Pro, the company announced Thursday. The Vision Pro was launched on February 2 and has already over 1,000 apps specially designed for the new device, and now one of the most popular social platforms is part of it. Although you can watch TikTok videos through your browser on Vision Pro, the new native app allows for a more immersive viewing experience.

In the TikTok Vision Pro app, the navigation bar and like button are moved off-screen to allow full viewing of the video, while the comments section and creator profiles appear as extensions on the side of the flow.

TikTok on Apple Vision Pro

Image credits: Tic Tac

When you click on the comments section on the mobile app, they appear at the top of the video and clicking on someone’s profile takes you to a full page. However, with Vision Pro, you can view all of these things at once. TikTok claims that since Vision Pro eliminates screen size and spatial limitations, it allows for a much more immersive content experience. As a result, you can watch a video while scrolling through the comments without your view being cut off, unlike the mobile app.

The app lets you watch TikTok videos in immersive locations, like Yosemite or on the moon. It also works with the device’s Shared Space feature, which means you can watch TikTok videos while working on other apps.

On the mobile app, the navigation bar is on the right, but on the Vision Pro app, the navigation bar has been moved to the left. TikTok says it made the change to align with Apple Vision Pro design best practices. The profile, share, likes, comments and sound icons are all on the right.

TikTok on Apple Vision Pro

Image credits: Tic Tac

The launch of the new app comes weeks after a product manager at TikTok confirmed that the company was developing the application.

At launch, the Apple Vision Pro had More than 600 apps designed for headset including Slack, Zoom, Microsoft 365 apps, Disney+. Earlier this week, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, revealed that the Vision Pro now has more than 1,000 apps designed specifically for it. While the Vision Pro can run more than 1.5 million compatible iOS and iPad apps, the spatial apps designed for the headset have been designed to take advantage of its specific capabilities.

It makes sense that TikTok would want to offer a space app designed specifically for the headset, especially since other entertainment/video apps like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video have done so. YouTube, which is one of TikTok’s biggest competitors, said that a Vision Pro app is “on the roadmap» but did not provide a specific timetable. By launching its app first, TikTok has a small advantage over YouTube.


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