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Content material Warning: this Perception incorporates antisemitic, racist, and hateful imagery and language.


On Telegram, there’s a right-wing extremist (RWE) accelerationist collective that disseminates ideologically extremist supplies, encourages violence, glorifies terrorism, and demonises minority populations. The collective capabilities as a free community with no formal affiliation to any group however is carefully related to a number of extremist organisations, together with Russian mercenaries, Ukrainian volunteer battalions, Ouest Informal (a French extreme-right pro-violence group), and The American Futurist, which is carefully related to the neo-Nazi James Mason and former members of Atomwaffen Division.

Most of these channels have a neo-Nazi ideological place and distribute guides and directions on tips on how to commit racially motivated acts of terrorism in opposition to the federal government and authorities. Their propaganda steadily invokes visible themes of militants, terrorists, troops, and scenes from ongoing disputes within the Center East, Chechnya, the Balkans, and Northern Eire. 

The collective is very decentralised. It’s, due to this fact, the actions of people that decide the group’s on-line actions, making them extremely unpredictable. At current, one of the crucial common strategies of RWE propaganda manufacturing is generative synthetic intelligence (AI).

By way of digital ethnographic information assortment, this Perception delves into how accelerationists on Telegram use AI to create a number of varieties of pictures to unfold propaganda. Moreover, it considers their exploitation of huge language fashions (LLMs) to acquire data to conduct assaults or interpret manifestos, offering an outline of how violent extremist actors exploit AI for his or her ideological functions.

How RWEs on Telegram Use AI

Accelerationist manifestos name for the usage of all applied sciences that can finally result in societal collapse and a race struggle. Members of the web collective confer with the Unabomber/Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto to justify utilizing each accessible software to take down the system. AI has the potential to create huge disinformation campaigns, feed radicalising items of propaganda to unsuspecting on-line customers, collect data on potential targets, and even discover directions to create explosive gadgets. It can be exploited to write down malware, enabling extremists to assault on-line infrastructures.

Sure far-right accelerationist Telegram channels are devoted to creating and disseminating AI-generated memes and propaganda (Fig. 1). These channels have a number of thousand subscribers and comprise hundreds of pictures representing all ideological facets of the acute proper. Primarily based on our evaluation, any such content material will be labeled into three principal classes. 

Fig. 1: Two RWE Telegram channels centered on AI-created imagery content material. Collectively, they’ve posted practically 8,000 photographs.

Exaltation of Nazi Imagery and Navy Figures

Photos depicting German WWII troopers are aimed toward reinforcing the archetype of the robust, white, militant man. The exaltation of the militant man can be efficient in radicalising on-line customers and convincing them not solely of the necessity but additionally of the sweetness inherent in violence. In accordance with accelerationists, violence is the first technique of hastening the method of systemic collapse as a result of there is no such thing as a probability for a political resolution; the system should fall to start afresh.

Fig. 2, posted on an eco-fascist accelerationist channel, incorporates a army determine in tactical gear and a skullmask and is captioned “The Industrial Revolution and its penalties have been a catastrophe for the human race”. That is the well-known incipit of Ted Kaczynski or the Unabomber’s manifesto. Kaczynski is a key determine in eco-fascist, accelerationist on-line subcultures, revered as a saint on many RWE Telegram channels, and his manifesto has change into a basic cornerstone of their ideology. From an aesthetic perspective, the font wherein the incipit is written is utilized by the neo-Nazi propagandist Darkish Foreigner and is usually discovered within the propaganda of terror teams comparable to Atomwaffen Division. This picture could possibly be interesting to the typical accelerationist consumer; the font, cranium masks, and tactical gear depict what’s perceived because the archetypical man. Fig. 3 reveals three WWII Nazi troopers depicted in utilizing the vaporwave/fashwave aesthetic to convey far-right extremist affiliations. The psychedelic aesthetic could also be a private desire of the content material creator, who usually shares visually related content material. This picture depends closely on its visible influence, glorifying the Nazis.  


Fig. 2: A person in tactical gear, carrying a cranium masks. The start of Ted Kaczynski’s Manifesto was written with a font that may be simply related to the Terrorwave aesthetic.


Fig. 3: A psychedelic illustration of German troopers in the course of the Second World Struggle.

Racist and Antisemitic Imagery 

Racism and antisemitism are basic parts of far-right ideology. Themes of the perceived superiority of white folks, conspiracy theories about an ongoing ‘white genocide’ introduced on by racial mixing and the alleged invasion of migrants in Europe and North America are steadily noticed in on-line propaganda. Jews are focused in AI-generated propaganda, painted as a risk to Western civilisation, and liable for problems with perceived ethical decline from the pornography business, the LGBTQ+ neighborhood, mass migration, and the COVID-19 pandemic. AI-generated pictures usually comprise dangerous stereotypes, allusions to conspiracy theories, or specific calls to violence (Fig. 4). Often, the latter is accompanied by acronyms like TND (Complete N***er Demise) or TKD (Complete Okay**e Demise, an antisemitic slur).

Fig. 4: (Left) Jews are implied to be those actually behind the COVID-19 pandemic. This may be collocated on a variety of conspiracy theories concerning the pandemic and the vaccine campaigns, which by many RWE on-line are believed to be a solution to management the inhabitants. (Center) Jews are implied to be behind the arrival of migrants from the ocean to Europe. On this case, the reference is to the Nice Substitute conspiracy and a supposed ‘White genocide’.  (Proper) Reference to the RWE web trope TND (Complete N***er Demise), which is used to point the necessity to exterminate black folks.


The third sort of content material typology pertains to memes – an efficient and easy technique of disseminating RWE propaganda. The most well-liked codecs in our dataset are these of Pepe the Frog and Moon Man. These are the most used memes in on-line alt-right and far-right communities. 

Pepe the Frog originated in 2005 as a part of an innocuous comedian collection ‘Boy’s Membership’ and quickly turned a preferred meme on 4chan by 2008. In 2014, the meme was coopted by the alt-right and the far-right to advance white supremacist narratives on-line. It even turned a potent drive within the 2016 US Presidential elections after Trump retweeted a model of himself because the character. 

Moonman originated in 1986 as Mac Tonight, a McDonald’s mascot. The primary look as a meme will be dated again to 2006, when Moonman appeared on YTMND (You’re the person now, canine!) as an animated gif. In 2015, the meme was coopted by the far-right and has since been steadily related to white supremacist jargon. Examples of these two memes depicted by an AI mannequin will be seen in Fig. 7, wherein Pepe the Frog has been made to resemble Adolf Hitler, and in Fig. 8, the place Moon Man is proven suffocating an African-American man.

Fig. 5: (Left) Pepe resembling Adolf Hitler. (Proper) Moon Man suffocates a Black man with a rope.

The Exploitation of LLMs

The creation of pictures is just not the one utility of AI exploited by extremists. RWE channels have additionally exploited LLM, even creating their very own or partially modifying current ones to bypass built-in security options designed to keep away from customers producing and disseminating harmful or xenophobic content material.

LLMs not solely have the potential to forge large-scale disinformation campaigns however can be compelled to supply data that might assist a violent extremist put together for an assault. One instance will be seen in Fig. 6, the place an eco-fascist channel requested directions to construct a set off mechanism – the firing system wanted to provoke the explosion – and additional rationalization of the functioning of Kaczynski’s bombs. One other instance of extremist use of LLMs is the event of ‘unbiased’ AI fashions (Fig. 7). A far-right consumer posted each directions for operating the mannequin with out censorship and a overview of an accelerationist manifesto requested by one of many AI directors. A manifesto overview, given its brevity, will be disseminated extra simply than the manifesto itself, rising its radicalising potential. 

Fig. 6: A consumer requested for data on the manufacturing of a triggering mechanism for fireworks and about Kaczynski’s bombs after which posted them on its eco-fascist channel [text redacted]

Fig. 7: A channel explaining tips on how to unlock an unbiased AI and asking for a overview of an accelerationist manifesto.


In accordance with current stories detailing extremist networks on Telegram, on-line RWEs exploit current generative AI fashions for the manufacturing of visible propaganda and even the event of explosives utilized in kinetic assaults. Nonetheless, there’s a looming concern that with the rising IT capabilities amongst far-right teams, a state of affairs may emerge the place AI is harnessed to generate extra refined and focused propaganda, in addition to to hold out cybercrime campaigns focusing on on-line infrastructures.

For that reason, it’s crucial to accentuate analysis efforts inside these ecosystems to stop and counter the usage of AI by extremists and to undertake a proactive method to stop future threats. Tech corporations should stay vigilant in monitoring the event of novel, extremist-owned fashions which can be misused for nefarious functions. Implementing inner risk evaluation groups and devising terrorism-focused procedures are essential steps to figuring out and addressing potential threats posed by RWEs utilizing AI applied sciences. 

Federico Borgonovo is a analysis analyst on the Italian Crew for Safety Terroristic Points and Managing Emergencies – ITSTIME. He specialised in digital HUMINT, OSINT/SOCMINT, and Social Community Evaluation oriented on Islamic terrorism and RWE. He focuses on monitoring terrorist networks and modelling recruitment ways within the digital atmosphere, with specific consideration to new communication applied sciences carried out by terrorist organizations.

Silvano Rizieri Lucini is a analysis analyst on the Italian Crew for Safety Terroristic Points and Managing Emergencies – ITSTIME. He specialised in digital HUMINT and OSINT/ SOCMINT oriented on Islamic terrorism, Whitejihadism, and RWE. He focuses on monitoring terrorist networks, with specific consideration to new communication methods carried out by terrorist organisations. 

Giulia Porrino is a analysis analyst on the Italian Crew for Safety Terroristic Points and Managing Emergencies – ITSTIME. She specialised in digital HUMINT, social media intelligence, Social Community Evaluation, and Socio-Semantic Community Evaluation. Her analysis actions are oriented on RWE, with a concentrate on PMC Wagner and Russian STRATCOM. 


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