Microsoft rolls out Copilot GPT that helps you learn recipes, plan vacations and more


Microsoft has been improving its artificial intelligence (AI) prowess over the last year and this year it has been rolling out tools at regular intervals. At the center is Copilot, its suite of AI services that includes an AI chatbot. Earlier this month, the company launched a significant update to the Copilot experience across web, Android, and iOS platforms. Now it has introduced another feature called Copilot GPTs which helps you learn recipes, plan vacations, develop workout routines and much more.

Microsoft deploys GPT Copilot

In an X job. Jordi Ribas, CVP, Head of Engineering and Product for Copilot and Bing announced that the tech giant is introducing Copilot GPTs into Microsoft Copilot. Using these GPTs, users can multitask such as creating designs, planning their next vacation, learning to cook a new recipe, or creating a personalized workout plan.

“GPTs leverage context-sensitive instructions in the prompt and domain information as part of the grounding (RAG) data,” added Ribas.

While interacting with the post, an Answering the question, Ribas said that Microsoft’s GPT Builder is already available in a controlled experiment with a subset of users. It will soon be rolled out to a wider audience. This feature is already present in ChatGPT, Copilot’s rival AI chatbot.

The announcement of this feature does not come on the same day as it was revealed that you can now set Microsoft Copilot as the default assistant app on Android.

Microsoft Copilot on Android

In an X job, Android Central contributor Mishaal Rahmaan has revealed that version 27.9.420225014 of the Microsoft Copilot app allows users to set it as the default assistant app on Android smartphones. The move would allow users to access Copilot the same way they would invoke Google Assistant: by pressing and holding the power button or swiping your finger diagonally across the screen. This feature is currently only available in the beta version of Microsoft Copilot.

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