Mastodon users can now share their profile via QR code on Android


Decentralized social network Mastodon has updated its official app for Android to allow users to easily share their profiles with QR codes. This could be useful in noisy places like event and hotel lobbies for exchanging profiles, the company said in a blog post.

To share the QR code, users can go to their profile tab and tap the QR icon next to their name to get a profile-related code that others can scan.

The organization also tries to make Fediverse simple for users to understand. To this end, it has now added explanations about domain names in Mastodon IDs. When you press a handle, the application shows you the dialog box explaining why the username and server names are different. The app also highlights the username or server name in the handle when you tap on the explanations.

Explanatory map of the mastodon handle

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Mastodon has also updated the block and mute prompts to explain the effects of these actions on a profile.

Mastodon mute action explanation card

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The new Android also offers some smaller updates, such as a new links map preview showing an article’s author and date; and easy-to-understand drop-down menus on profiles.

Mastodon now faces stiff competition in the decentralized social media space under the name Bluesky opened to the public earlier this month And also started working on the federation. Users trying Mastodon have complained about the complicated nature of having different servers on the ActivityPub network. The company will need to focus on making it easier for users to understand and navigate the decentralized social world.


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