Flipboard has just offered more than 1,000 of its social magazines to Mastodon and fediverse


The fediverse has become a little bigger today as Flipchart has now launched more than 1,000 of its social magazines on the decentralized social web, allowing its curators and editors to reach new audiences. The news follows the month of December of the magazine application announcement that it would begin integrating directly with fediverse, or the decentralized social web that includes X competitor Mastodon, Pixelfed and other apps.

After sensing a shift in the direction social media was going, Flipboard last year dropped support for Twitter/X in its app, which today allows users to curate content from the web in ” magazines” shared with other readers. In place of Twitter, the company embraced decentralized social media and last May became the first app to support Bluesky, Mastodon and Pixelfed (an open source rival to Instagram) in one place.

While these early integrations allowed users to read, like, reply, and post to their favorite apps from within the Flipboard app, these interactions were made possible through APIs. Late last year, Flipboard announced that it was also adding support for ActivityPub, the network protocol that powers the fediverse, within its own app. As a first step, this would allow certain accounts to be discoverable and followed by millions of users of decentralized social applications, including Mastodon.

Today, Flipboard says it has brought together 1,000 magazines selected by the publishers it began testing with in December, as well as 20 new publishing partners who have joined the new effort. The magazines cover a range of topics including current affairs, lifestyle content and local journalism. While previously users could only follow these magazines in the Flipboard app, they now each have their own native ActivityPub feeds that allow them to be discovered by users on Mastodon and other federated social apps.

The company explains that allowing users to follow magazines rather than other accounts means they can follow their particular interests more closely. Although a user may be interested in the photographs someone posts, they may not want to follow their posts about politics or sports. Flipboard’s magazines, however, tend to be thematic in nature, allowing users to browse news, articles, and social media posts that reference a particular topic, such as Healthy eating, climate technology, national securityand more.

Starting today, users can follow these specific interests by following their feeds within their favorite federated app, like Mastodon. Participating publishers include Smithsonian, Bloomberg Green, Frommers, The Intercept, Real Simple, Refinery 29, Mashable, Medium and others.

On Mastodon or another federated app, users will see a description of the magazine and the publications it has published since it was federated. Newly federated magazines may not have published publications yet because it takes time for their content to spread across the fediverse universe, the company notes. In this case, you can click a link that says “Browse more on original profile” to see the posts in Flipboard instead. After following a magazine’s account in the fediverse, you will then see all future posts from that account in your follow feed on Mastodon or other apps.

With the initial test group now integrated into ActivityPub, Flipboard says the plan is to begin generating the remaining active and public curators and their magazines. The company plans to begin this process in March, but will offer an opt-out option for anyone who wants to keep their magazine exclusively on Flipboard.

“I believe curation is essential to providing people with an inspiring, high-quality social media experience and I’m excited to begin bringing carefully curated feeds to the fediverse,” Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard, said in a statement. .

He highlighted that in addition to completing the federation of the rest of the Flipboard magazines, the company is preparing the launch of a new version of its application that will allow magazine curators to see and respond to the comments, likes and boosts that they receive users. on Mastodon as well.

Flipboard isn’t the only social app to adopt ActivityPub. Instagram Topics, another X rival, is working on its ActivityPub integration. WordPress, AVERAGEAnd Mozilla also entered the fediverse, the first via a connect that allows WordPress blogs to post to the decentralized social web.


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