Anycubic users claim their 3D printers were hacked to warn them of security breach


a close-up photo of one of Anycubic's 3D printers against a dark black background

Image credits: Anycubic

Anycubic customers are reporting that their 3D printers have been hacked and are now displaying a message warning of an alleged security breach in the company’s systems.

Numerous discussion threads on the news sharing site Reddit to show similar reports (hat tip to @dan) users receiving an unsolicited text file on their Anycubic 3D printers with the file name “hacked_machine_readme”. The implanted text file claims that Anycubic has a “critical vulnerability” and warns the user to take steps to “prevent potential exploitation.”

The text file reads in part:

“Your machine has a critical vulnerability, which poses a significant threat to your security. Immediate action is strongly advised to prevent potential exploitation. Don’t hesitate to disconnect your printer from the internet if you don’t want to get hacked by a bad actor! This is just a harmless message. You have not suffered any harm.

The text file described an unspecified vulnerability in Anycubic’s MQTT service, which would allow “connecting and controlling” customers’ 3D printers connected to the Internet. MQTT is a popular messaging protocol often used by applications and Internet-connected devices to communicate with a company’s back-end servers, in this case Anycubic’s systems.

Anycubic’s app was down at the time of writing when TechCrunch checked. Users trying to connect received a “network unavailable” error message.

The person who wrote the text file claimed to have sent the message to 2.9 million Anycubic 3D printers. Anycubic’s James Ouyang said in a July 2023 interview that his company had achieved three million cumulative sales.

Ouyang did not respond to TechCrunch’s email requesting comment.

“Disconnect your printer from the Internet until Anycubic fixes this problem,” the text file says.

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